Psst!! He’s behind you!

So, our second attempt at toy photography. We had a few new figures arrive today, and

although none of them actually appear in any of the same movies together we thought that Luke Skywalker and a Range Stormtrooper we’re close enough to be acceptable.

So we’ve got the Luke Skywalker figure on its base which will be in the background. The stormtrooper is our focus in this shot. We’ve lit it with a simple 5” reflector on our Bowen’s XMS500 head which is placed high to the left behind the figures to simulate the winter sun. We’ve used a silver reflector in front of the stormtrooper to fill In some shadows. for the final image we knew we wanted to photoshop in Skywalkers light sabre, so we took a reference shot wit’s the blue light sabre included. We removed it for the rest of the shoot. The snow in the scene is cornflour. Not ideal as it has a slight yellow hue, but in these times of coronavirus flour is in short supply, so we‘ll knock the yellow levels back in the edit. Next on the list was to get a reference shot with the snow on the ground, and then we needed a selection of images with the snow falling in different areas of the scene.

So, armed with our selection of frames, we jumped into lightroom to correct the colour balance and bump up the whites a little to simulate the high key of a snowy scene.

The best shots with the falling snow snow were chosen and blended in photoshop to give a more even appearance. However, we wasn't entirley happy, so added a couple of extra layers using a photoshop 'snow' brush. The layers nearer to the camera were given a blur filter to throw them out of focus to give more depth to the image. Last job was to add Lukes blue light sabre. We hope to be doing a Youtube video on this soon to show the steps needed.

And so thats it. Shooting and editing was around 2 hours in total, and anther hour to clean up the flour!!

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